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If God was a DJ... [23 Nov 2006|11:01pm]
I've been gone so long i'm not sure where to start...

Today is me and Eva's 1 month anniversary :) also Thanksgiving. So i'm thankful for having Eva as my awesome girlfriend.

The Musical's finally over. No more weeks of nights with only 1 hour sleep! No more Zack-Zombie. On the last day for it I waited 40 mins past my call time for the people to get some flowers in. They were like completely out, and DantheMan was hogging the roses. I got 2 bouquets for Eva one saying "I love you" and the other saying "Yes you get two because you're just that awesome" Then at Intermission she sent me a Rose saying "I love you more" ...Beaten again. But it was at a tie last night. :)

After the musical ended we had a rad party over at Terra's. (Krista gets so ignored now, under the shadow of her sister.) It was really crowded down in the basement. There was like at least 100 kids in there. We made our own tacos for dinner. I always overestimate my taco shell and overfill it. Luckily I had a plate or the taco meat and rice and stuff would have gone everywhere. Nate the Mello is just like "I'm going to laugh when flames shoot out your ass" There was alot of TORD actually more like DORD, no truth involved. There were lapdances, megan (ColorGuard) and someone else ate a brownie off of dan's bellybutton. Eva had to either lick Cody's Nose or take off her shirt, she chose the nose. Kat had to lick Billy's Armpit. and Billy had to give Megan a lapdance, he looked experienced. XD I spent most of the time "Dj-ing" Terra has a massive music collection, about 1/3 the size of mine. When I first walked into the room with the computer/sound there were a bunch of kids looking at www.stuffonmycat.com. Also a girl named Kate had me rub her ass while God was giving me a foot massage. I wonder if Terra spiked my drink or something cuz I had a huge headache the next day.

*shower then thanksgiving at cousins then i'll be back to write.*

The next day was our Middle School tour. We went to Reuther and West. I won't put in many details but I basically felt the same way as I did going back to Hamlin. It looked like a really shitty school. Especially because of the construction. The "Reuthugs" were a really crappy audience and i wanted to smack them. West was nice. It was like the exact same as the elementary tour. I was next to Ryan and Cam.

Yesterday I saw Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. I brought Alex H and Andy along. It was awesome but not as awesome as Snakes on a Plane. I kept thinking I was going to run into Chad but I didn't. The songs weren't as good as the old stuff and they should put some of it in. We heard the "Greatest song in the world"

Note to self - Get better Speakers.

Today I went to my cousins for ThanksGiving. My uncle had a C Melody Sax!! (It's very rare and in between the Tenor and Alto) My cousin couldn't a sound and he plays Alto but I got it to work. It also really needs alot of work. Also my Uncle has a trombone he isn't using. So I know have a trombone, And soon Eva can say her boyfriend knows 7 different positions and uses them all ;)
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[19 Nov 2006|04:17am]
So0o0o00o0 Tired...

*falls asleep and hits head on keyboard*


I'm so tired i can't really write much right now... I'll force myself to write more when i'm not busy, which probably means never.

Main Events of my day

~ Saxophone Day, Met a cool tenor named Gabby, all the people had like 3-4 years of playing on me, even the 8th graders. All the altos were playing music from High School Musical and all the tenors liked metal music, Gabby's fav band is H.I.M. Mine is Tool and the other dude's was Godsmack.

~ Musical
~ Katie talks about breasts more than any guy...
~literally going to fall asleep in like 3 minutes.

Stay Classy
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Oh My Goth, My English Teacher was in a Ska band... that i've heard of! [15 Nov 2006|04:36am]
Prog - I didn't really have anything to do since I was done. I watched a bunch of youtube videos. Youtube's not working for me right now but search " International Noise Conspiracy - Smash It Up"

Band - Didn't talk as much, We had a Saxtional. Thoma called all the saxes out into the room where he tests us and talked to us about tone and intonation and vibrato and stuff. Jamie wanted her monster since Kelsey got sick and couldn't give it to me to give to her, also Zach E broke up with her, after they had been going out for like a week, if that XD

Adv. Alg. - Here's some quotes from this hour

Sneebly "Mr. Franklin, are you Chicken Little there"
Me: huh?
Him: You're always looking up at the sky *I sit under the window*

It looks like i'm like jesus or something cuz the sun shines down and me and it's like a ray of light... i find it funny.

Hmm... there was something about fly fishing that i have written down somewhere.

4th - Bea is our favorite canadian... unless Francis counts XD Adams was *banging* alyson or w/e it's called. Adams originally named his gavel after andy's sis alyson. Watched a Vid, took notes

Lunch - Sat over with the normal people i sit with, i didn't go over to Katie/God/THE Ass Smacker or Chad, Also Chad declared a state of Emergency, the actual country chad, yes there is a country named chad.

5th - OMG...


Zach Elie was reading his journal entry about him playing the drums/piano and Miesch was like I'm a drummer... and that he was in a band around 1997. He said it was a ska band called the Insyderz and that they had a cd called "Motor City Ska" Which i will buy off amazon. I looked them up on wikipedia and myspace. They're not bad. Whenever i type "Bad" I always mistype it as Band. That automatically makes him my coolest teacher, also a drummer from the Suicide Machines was in it.

Science - Diaper Labs, I recognized Karli's sis and said hi cuz she was in the room. Devin was there too. Not much happened except i told Adrianna how she reminded me of this one drunk girl at a concert XD

After - Me and Alex decided to look through music for our trio/Solos

Alycen had to "Swim" so she couldn't look through the stuff with us. We stuck her with a 2nd alto part.

I found a cool yet not too hard solo for me to do. It is sweet. and I had trouble finding any ATB trios so i got an AAT, Me being the Tenor.

We were listening to NIN- Closer and Tenacious D courtesy of Alex. I sang along to the white stripes in the GL voice. Terra was there but i think she got freaked out at one point and walked out, maybe it was cody in the queer robe. He looked like a homo hobo. Or maybe it was alex "Dissin" Arby's

The new Tenacious D album came out today!!!!!!

I was too busy to buy it x.x I shall buy the deluxe edition that comes with the pick of destiny. Yes the actual P.O.D.

I decided that it would be easier to just stay at the school then go home for 15 mins and come back for pit. Me, Alex, and Cody went to Wendys. We ran into Katie/God/THE Ass Smacker, and Leslie. I am her minion. Everyone is, you just don't realize it.

Saw matt G at wendys.

We got unhealthy food and then walked back to the school. Alex's bro was there. If I told you what we all talked about, I would have to kill you, or at the very least punch/kick you very hard in the tits/balls.

Alex left eventually, oh we also locked cody out XD

*skip past stuff*

Pit stuff

I was playing around with drum sticks on a practice pad. I wanna learn to do snare for the toga thing.

I'll add more later but i need sleep
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I LOVE THAT NOISE [13 Nov 2006|05:11am]
I can't get to sleep, so I felt like writing something. Today I had my auditions for the lions all state thing. I got the music like 4 days ago, I only ran through each piece twice, Basically I was sightreading. I woke up at like 5:20am but didn't want to get up, 10 minutes later I stumbled out of bed, Took a Shower, and put on my GNR shirt and some black pants. I grabbed an Orangina (My fav drink.) and got in dad's Trailblazer. We started going and I was blasting Skindred's Set It Off

http://youtube.com/watch?v=voJpBogxVYY I love that song... Bass line is fucking sweet

the sky was still dark and you could see the stars. No one is on the road at 6am something on a Sunday. A dear was like completely mutilated in the road, there were chunks of it scattered for about 20 yards... I got to start driving about halfway through, First time driving in a really long time. I did good but I was really tense. We drove found Holt HS and started driving around to look for a place to eat. We went to Mcdonalds. I never had the Breakfast Burritos before so I had those, they were "eh" not good not that bad. There was a kid that I could tell was a Trombone behind me.

We went to the 9th grade campus of Holt and found where we were sopposed to be. I saw that one color guard person (Ashley) wearing a RHS jacket. I didn't see any tenors. I waited in line for registration and when I finally got up there they didn't have my information so I had to fill something out. While I was waiting in line I was greeted by Santa Claus, HO, HO,HO, Bitches.

I sat down and waited for something to happen, I marked up my music and waited around. I forget that guy that i'm calling Santa Claus's actual name. He introduced himself and the CEO of the lions club so We all clapped and stuff, they called drill and percussion people down for auditions and instruction. Woodwoods and Brass got to use the area we were in for our warmups. I got out my tenor and a Classical Hemke Reed and started playing. I warmed up with Scale Mastery and I saw a Tenor Girl hanging out with a Bari Girl so I walked over and introduced myself. The Tenor's name was Elise. We both didn't really have a clue about the 2nd Etude.

I introduced myself to another Tenor. His name was Andrew or Anthony or something similar. We were doing obnoxious noises and stuff. I did the War Cry and Elise and Andrew were like "OMG I LOVE THAT NOISE" All tenors (except Alycen) do. 2 senior Tenors that knew the War Cry was by a tenor or just saw us came by. One was named greg and I forget the other person's name. We all were playing music we had memorized from marching band. Elise was playing Mission Impossible. I saw the Trombone kid from Mcdonalds. We warmed up and stuff for awhile. Tenors were one of the last groups to be called down. We had to play both Etudes. Shit...

*Skipping past stuff before the auditions*

I walked into what was the Instrument Closet and there was Santa Claus. I played both Etudes, I became mushy ish around the end of the first one and missed some rhythms in the 2nd. I did okay on the sight reading. It was overall a bad day for me but not that bad an audition, way better than my first S and E, Totally fucked that up because of the Accompianst and Me messing up what time the thing was. I had to play like 4 hours later than I was sopposed to. I had played for all of that 4 hours so I overplayed and my sax was like flooded with spit and stuff... Not Good. This S and E won't be like that though :)

I asked dad if MSU was around here and it was so we decided to get some ice cream from the dairy store (Bandos have fond memories of that place, Everyday I didn't have it during band camp me and andy were sick but when we had it we were fine.) I had a Double which is actually a triple, One Scoop Butter Pecan, One Scoop BLUE MOON (My fav type of Ice cream they have) and Gopher More. It was good, Dad ran into someone there, I was half thinking I would run into Beech. I think this is where I started Driving again. All the Stress and everything was gone and driving was fun with the loud music. I drove for like 2.5 hours. Andy called but my phone was in the back seat. Since I was going around 60-70 mph at the time i didn't want to reach back there. Dad switched the radio over to the Lions game and I got bored.

I was at home and talking to Eva and some random 7th Grader im's me. His name was Mike Santavicca, Omg *sudden insight* Maybe he's the son of one of my lawn customers, damn lmao

He wanted a pic of my Girlfriend of something so I sent the one Eva hates but I like it.

Zackjf: http://myspace-424.vo.llnwd.net/01388/42/47 /1388707424_l.jpg <- my gf
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: goth
Zackjf: ?
Zackjf: goth girls = hot
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: omg ur goth
Zackjf: lol
Zackjf: eh some people call me that
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: lol u r arnt u
Zackjf: well i'll show you my halloween pic
Zackjf: i want to dye my hair blue
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: ook...??
Zackjf: and you have no idea what goth actually is
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: ya i do i have a goth girl on mu bus
Zackjf: ya right
Zackjf: wats her name
Zackjf: ?
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: iono
Zackjf: betsy?
Zackjf: cuz she's so non goth
Zackjf: she wears excessive eyemakeup, cuts herself and likes HIM but she's a poser
Zackjf: also my girlfriend is offended that you called her goth
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: so i dont care
Zackjf: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?f useaction=viewImage&friendID=25341680&image ID=1375578754
Zackjf: i like the snakebites, the blue hair was sweet but the pic is black and white
Zackjf: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?f useaction=viewImage&friendID=25341680&image ID=1112448672
Zackjf: and theres me with green hair
Zackjf: where do you buy your clothes jw
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: american eagle and all those stores plus koles
Zackjf: ew
Zackjf: lol
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: u shop at goth world
Zackjf: only for band shirts
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: lol
Zackjf: and piercings
Zackjf: and gloves
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: ur gay
Zackjf: and hoodies
Zackjf: your a 7th grader
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14: wow thats new
Zackjf: yep
Zackjf: you just reminded me of how retarded most 7th graders are
Zackjf: your ignorance is really funny
Zackjf: no one at reuther is goth
Zackjf: just trust me on that
Zackjf: what in your mind makes a person "Goth"
Zackjf: hello?
aLmOsTwIpEoUt14 signed off at 9:01:28 PM.

And now zack is going to go to sleep.


Other Stuff
All state going to Singapore and Hawaii next year, I'm so going.
Eva and I are probably going to the night 89x stole x mas, We decided to be one of the couple that have their hands on each others asses lmao, They're at least a few at every concert, it's funny...
AVA,TBS,MCR, and OKGO are gonna play there.
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the Antithesis of a Good Day [09 Nov 2006|01:57am]
[ mood | PostSecret Mood... ]

Today is probably the worst day i've had in recent memory...

Marching Band - everyone in pit was like Y The Fuck weren't you there, in case i haven't said yet...

I missed 2 more pit rehearsels because i thought thoma said the next one would be on weds. at 6pm, we had some on monday and tuesday, the big dress rehearsels... Total of 4 missed, he is NOT happy...

Anyways i gave stephanie my cell number so that she can scream at me to get my ass over there if i miss another one. Also if i miss another one i'm out, more about that later...
I'm using alot of the "..."

I forgot my music at home, this was turning out to be a perfect day...
We went outside and lined up on the track, it was good weather. We started more marching training for parades. I didn't have the music but i got to find out how much i had memorized... not very much. People kept dropping their music and Geiger was singing something really funny.

1st - New seats =/ I met a cool freshman named andrew... another one XD He has some good stuff on his ipod video but mostly just singles

2nd - Mr. Thoma i'm really sorry about missing pit, I wasn't aware we had rehearsels... I thought you said the next one was weds. at 6pm...

Him " WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT aASDF VFYRBSdbkndasf;ljgh jalpergh ; MISS ONE MORE AND sakfjalsjkdghljshdfljKICKYOUOUTasdhfljashd[fowethjksnv;oaerht[WET YA....

Better start picking S and E music sooon, Me, Alex and Alycen will probably do a trio

3rd, Shaunbeck said that he is a sadist and he ties up flys... YES MY MATH TEACHER JUST ADMITTED THAT HE ENJOYS INFLICTING PAIN AND SUFFERING ON US!

4th - New seats, new project, oh joy...

PPT - We got the pizza really late and had to finish it all or else we would lose, 8 mins and like 40 boxes of pizza, I lost track of how much i had but it was around 7-8

5th - Essay. Due. Tomorrow. SHIT.

6th - Angry black women on one side and Nick M on the other, oh joys. Pop Quiz, even more joy...

After - I remember pit today... It was long, i should have brought my homework... I found out Rumsfeld is resigning, JOY TO THE WORLD IN A NON SARCASM WAY!

Parents pissed at me cuz dad left the fax on and it wouldn't work when i called them to say i was staying late, then they yelled at me for not calling and i had to pay them $20 for missing the guitar lesson because it wasn't cancelled.

Also we missed dodgeball because we were missing alex and Tom, X.X Everyone owe's me $2 cuz i payed for all this...

Anyways today was not a good day, hopefully Skindred and Tool will make it better...

"NOBODY! NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE!" ~ random skindred lyric from the song i was listening to


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A Better Place, A Better Time [05 Nov 2006|08:15pm]
Haven't updated in awhile and this isn't really going to be an update, more of a message. Alot of people I know, not just the one person that thinks this is probably to them seem to hate their life, think they suck at it, think they're ugly and other negative things, I don't think negative things about me or others, unless that person's an Alto, Everyone should just cheer the fuck up, you're not ugly, not stupid, don't suck at life, and your not a loser. This goes to everyone.

"A Better Place, A Better Time"

and so she wakes up
in time to break down
she left a note up on the dresser
and she's right on time
you don't know anything
right or wrong
i said i know
and she said so
i want to panic
but i've had it
so i go
you don't owe anything to anyone

but don't take your life
because it's all that you've got
you'd be better off just up and leaving
if you don't think they will stop

and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
i guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you're tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don't
it's not your time

looking through the paper today
looking for a specific page
don't want to find her full name followed by dates
because when i left her alone
she made a sound, like a moan
"you're known by everyone for everything you've done"
fuck buying flowers for graves
i'd rather buy you a one way non-stop
to anywhere
find anyone
do anything
forget and start again, love
she said she won't go
and that's that
it hurts too much to stand by
you've got to stop and draw a line
and everyone here has to choose a side tonight
the moment of truth is haunting you
don't forget your family
regardless of what you choose to do
you can't decide
and they're screaming "why won't you?"
i'll start the engine but i can't take this ride for you
i'll draw the bath and i'll load your gun
but i hope so bad that you bathe and hunt

annie's tired of forgetting about today and always planning for tomorrow (tomorrow)
annie says "the saddest day i came acrosss was when i learned that life goes on without me" (without me)
annie says "if everyone has someone else, then i ain't got nobody's love to save me" (save me)
annie says "i think i'll pass away tonight, because it seems i'll never get it right if it's just me" (just me)

and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
i guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you're tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don't
it's not your time

annie says she wouldn't mind if they never find a cure for all her problems (her problems)
annie says as long as she has someone near to make it clear she does not need to solve them (solve them)
"oh, this loneliness is killing me
it's filling me with anger and resentment (resentment)
i'm turning into someone that i never thought i'd have to be again"

and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
i guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you're tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don't
it's not your time

annie's tired of forgetting about today and always planning for tomorrow (tomorrow)
annie says "the saddest day i came acrosss was when i learned that life goes on without me" (without me)
annie says "if everyone has someone else, then i ain't got nobody's love to save me" (save me)
annie says "i think i'll pass away tonight, because it seems i'll never get it right if it's just me" (just me)

and when you wake up
everything is going to be fine
i guarantee that you wake up in a better place
and in a better time
so you're tired of living
and you feel like you might give in
well don't
it's not your time

and even if it was
i wouldn't let you go
you could run run run run but i will follow close
someday you will say "that's it, that's all"
but i'll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
i know that you think that you're on your own
but just know that i'm here
and i'll lead you home
if you let me
she said "forget me"
but i can't
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If you can dodge a Tuba, You can dodge a Ball [26 Oct 2006|03:10am]
Before - Forgot what happened at Morning Practice, Mainly just practice for the Collage Concert.

Programming - Finished Assignment 31, Argued with Alex Shannon over Less than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto. I showed him a vid and he's like "wow Zack, another poser band, just like Sum 41 and Green Day (We argued about whether or not Sum 41 is a GD power pop/punk poser band) Streetlight Manifesto PWNS LTJ, I was the first in the mob to even listen to LTJ anyways...

Band - LOUD LOUD LOUDER! Thoma: "Just a touch less tenors" Music Rehearsel for the Concert, My reed sucked ass...

Sneebly or h/w you spell it, He made some comments but none of which can top how he abuses black midgets. He related my name to Franklin the turtle... Only like 1 other person has said that in the last 5 years! I got a new graphing calculator that confuses me... alot. A person knocked on the door and we're like OMG it's Demetri!
Quiz Tomorrow, really easy one.

Global Issues - Start of new project thing

Lunch - PPT for the people that didn't have it yesterday, i made a joke about slipping me some pizza and the Stupid seniors on that said they might cut me for that. The Upperclassmen on the PPT treat the freshmen like dogs, Unlike most of the Upperclassmen in FMB, like Chad, Terra, etc lol Most of them do to anyone other than Twist, Elliot, and Me.

5th - *GL WHOO!* More Odyssey, also Ava kicked JT in the balls (not Bawls)

6th - Wanted to work with Eva on this lab thing but she picked Rachel before we could make eye contact, I worked with John R, At the same table as Exciting,Excellent Eva, and um *something Rachel*

After - Just after I had to go for dinner (like the second i was leaving) Eva signed on, I could barely talk >.<, I haven't used the >.< in awhile...
After eating my mom is like an extreme early bird person and so we had to get there like an hour before the thing. Couldn't get back on to talk.


Saw Zack S (He's in Choir) when i got in, I should have brought my HW to do. We warmed up and stuff and I started going altissimo, i haven't that in awhile, Alycen did High F, I mostly did low B flat overtones because
a. My low B flat doesn't work well, if at all
b. Low B flat overtones sound cool as hell. I can make it go all the way past an high F with the overtones. ALYCEN DID THE WARCRY, OMGZ *SO PROUD*


We waited for the brass choir and stuff and then found our seats, there was a gap of one seat between me and Kristi, I'm like "Fuck it, Tenor Love, We're sticking together." We did alright... Alycen said Cam only played 2 notes, I'm really pissed at him not knowing the note names, we might even have an intervention...

After the Concert Band part I took off the tie and stuff and was doing an "ATTACK OF THE LEPRECHAUNS ON CRACK" Think extreme gay high voice with the charles scream and stuff, People are scared of it, I love it so much XD Also it's almost like my version of the geiger whistle cuz everyone knows it's me. Also i can go really loud XD I'm also pretty in tune...

I hung around with a few different groups of people, including Jamie the Trumpet.
Jamie: Am I a dirty Hoe
Me: No, Your a dirty blonde


Also I picked up a clarinet off the ground and i'm like "Look i'm gay"

Me and Twist are going to make Competitive Alto Sax Field Goal Kicking a Professional Sport.

OOH OOH! Twist ( In case you don't know because you cut your ears off or something that only lor could think of Twist = Jeremy Oliver, Jeremy Oliver Twist, I sorta have a nickname that Geiger came up with on the first day of Band Camp, He said I looked alot like Frodo from LOTR so he started calling me Frodo, I only let Juniors and Seniors call me that.) Came up with a Speech, It was so awesome that Pregnant Women would rip out their babies and throw them at him in applause, That was part of the speech too...

Also Cam wore his Mom's Pants... Ask Andy

Also before we went out Me, Alycen, Cam,Yas,And Andy did a short prayer, Something along the lines of "Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster,Let us rock, The altos will still suck but hopefully they'll suck less, TO THE ALTOS SUCKAGE! RAMEN"



Alex S
Some Bass Clarinet
Chris Hass

We're all going to like make our hair different colors, Mine will be BLUE of course, Kelly's already got the purple.

Zack S's Team is the Power Rangers, they're getting the Uniforms and of course Zack is going to be the Black one because that's the Black Power Rangers real name. (He told me that XD)

I can just picture Thoma coaching us...


Ohh ya I forgot to type about the Marching Band Part XD W/E...

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My math teacher abuses black midgets... [24 Oct 2006|08:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Before - Got there way early because my mom has to drop off my sis and our schools start at the same time, Me and John were walking to circles. I gave a BK crown to Jenalenalenalenalen for her birthday. Eva's like OMFG cuz they were just talking about BK crowns lol
I thought my GL voice was dead but it wasn't, I of course used to so much that everyone wanted to kick me in the balls (or is it "Bawls") If they did that my voice would be stuck like that...

Meaps - FUCKING RETARDED, graphs didn't go with Questions and Questions didn't go with answers... I met Jamie the Trumpet, she thinks she's the best trumpet, I told her that all the Tenors think they're the best, but i'm pretty sure I am. I learned to play loud because Cam always made mistakes and so we have at least 3 loud tenors and hopefully 1 quiet one... Cam doesn't know any note names or even how to do the chromatic. I was sad that we had no band =/

FUNNIEST THING HE'S EVER SAID!!!! Even more than the "How do you tell when a turkey is done?, YOU STICK IT WITH A FORK!!!!!!!!!"
He was talking about how he was working at this one school and kids commonly ran up and down the hallways banging on doors and after it happened a few times shaunbeck was waiting at the door for when the person knocked because he looked out the shades and couldn't see anyone that knocked the door, when the person knocked he threw open the door, this knocked the Black Midget down onto the floor, "Dazed and Confused" LMAO Also Jade brought her sweet guitar and now we're sorta friends, w00t

4th - West Wing, it was a sad episode... *sniffzors*


I had 6 slices and then THERE WAS NO MORE PIZZA, I had fucking pizza stacks and there was no more, Matt G definitely got in, he had 9 slices, including a STACK OF 4!! I want the fucking awesome shirt! Mike D hasn't decided who's on the varsity team yet.

5th - Rhi asked me to do the GL voice XD We watched Odyssey and stuff, Jenalenalenalenalen's B day, She's 14, W00t!

6th - Passed notes to Victoria most of the hour, She had a bike Chain necklace and Safety Pins for earrings, She said it's just because she doesn't have the money but that type of jewelry is definition #1 of coolness, Definition #2 is Eva

Pit - Lmao to the Leah cleaning out her Hole and stuff, Nat had to read off my book 2 and she has a shitload of reeds, at least 20, also Leah doesn't like the muppets... Or Yellow Submarine.

Andy came over to my house after, We played some video games like SC 2 and I showed him SOA, We also looked up Karn Evil 9 and the Contrabass Sax, Also we played Total Bandos and played songs with kazoo while Andy did awesome air guitar... With my out of tune acoustic XD

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Fly away on my Zephyr [21 Oct 2006|09:30pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

All my drafts got erased so i'll just skip alot of the stuff that has happened, I wrote about homecoming but it got erased, Homecoming was awesome and I really do like Eva but she doesn't think I do. My emotions don't really show unless you know me really well, Also i'm not an " OMG I LOVE YOU, LET'S MAKE OUT FOR 10 MINS!" type of person but I really do like you Eva.

So much has happened since I last wrote that i'd have to be writing for more than a day to cover it, I'll just list some of the stuff that's happened

Homecoming Game - We just did Late in the Evening. It was fun and EVA WAS THERE! I'm like OMG she's at a football game.

Homecoming - Twas Awesome, Eva's Myspace blog pretty much covers it but I think she left out the part with andy playing extreme air guitar and hitting his head on the wall XD

Tried out trumpet, I'm seriously going to get one, Alex missed his chance for me to buy his old one though, If anyone wants an Alto Sax i'll sell.

Detention - I'm actually glad that I had duffy's detention because I needed it to get homework done, Duffy listens to the Scorpions, the "Rock you like a Hurricane" People

I'm also losing a bunch of friends and gaining a ton of new ones, People get mad at me because i'm literally just going insane and changed my entire view of reality yet again. Tool songs still describe me and how i feel perfectly.

To Yas - I'm not mad at you and if I was i'd stop in under 9 minutes, I don't think we're enemies or anything like that, I don't hate you, We just really stopped being friends, If you don't want to pay attention to anything i say and if you don't want to talk to me then that's fine, we just don't have to be friends, We really don't have anyway to talk anymore either, Our friendship needed something drastic and I couldn't think of anything, We could still be friends but I don't think it's going to happen for awhile.

I really like the Blue hair, I'm seriously going to get it dyed that way, maybe Green first so that Thoma doesn't totally hate me for being a U of M fan.

Also i'm working on screaming like Charles, I've gotten pretty close.

Also since i'm a total band geek I put cadence as my myspace song, Not as good without the vocals

I've been feeling depressed almost to the point of Emo lately so thank god for Tool and Postsecret... Also here's a quote from a hilarious South Park ep, "I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that somethin' could make me feel that sad. It's like, i-i-i-it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin' really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I'm feelin' is like a beautiful sadness."

Shish Kabobs, Pumpkin Pie, and Hot Chocolate at the Tailgate, I think it may have been the best tailgate, It was the last football game this year =/ also Cam stepped on Ryan's Tenor and broke off the Lyre Hole thing XD, Chad made a joke about it and then he's like " Oh god i'm going to Hell for that" it was hilarious, Also Claire was really offended when i did the "Eat Her Out, Yum, Yum, Yum" Instead of the " Eat em up, Eat em up, Rah, Rah, Rah" I also learned how the beer song went.

In Heaven, there is no beer
That is why we have it here
and When i'm gone from here
My Friends will have another beer

In a Better Place, In a Better Time...

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God needs to use a better Shampoo [12 Oct 2006|08:50pm]
Since our 6th hour was talking a little too loud Mr. Duffy gave everyone detention, He also made the room a NO TALKING ZONE, Made himself Dictator and the classroom a totalitarian state and made the lab we were working on due by the end of the hour. The main bad thing, I can't talk to Eva in class, and that's the only class she's in of mine. :(

I told Thoma about it and he got mad at Mr. Duffy, all the Bandos can serve detention any day that's not on rehearsel. Jesse was like "Holy shit dude, I heard him yelling, I'm in the room next door" Something like that anyways. It was also Superhero day so I had mom find a gold ring on a chain, I was Frodo XD Which is also my Marching Band nickname that I only allow a few people to call me.

Anyways Morning rehearsel in the mall wasn't very exciting, My tenor isn't fixed yet.

In Computer Programming I did two of the projects and helped Alex, Frodo Powers were blazing.

In Band, I did my usual Warmups, Cam wasn't there at the beginning so we told Alycen to scoot over by us. I tried to get her to do the War Cry, She wouldn't. =/ Someday she will, Kristi also made me proud because she played relativly RICH AND FULL, she made me even prouder yesterday where I could actually hear her over all the other clarinets, that's not really hard to do though. Also Rimer told us to knock off the headbanging and He didn't like it when everyone was like " DOWN!" whenever we completed something XD

Sneebly's Class, Almost fell asleep, you could see the snow on the Ceiling, it looked so awesome. We had a test, I think I did really good, Zack S was Captain Underpants with black underpants LMAO, He was like omg dude you have to see Nate... and I would.

In Global Issues, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! (IT is not often I laugh that hard) Nate... With underwear on his head, a Cardboard Mask, Gym Shorts, A cape... I wish i had my camera, I might even start bringing it just in case. LMAO's

Adams said that we would be doing the first debate, probably because nothing can top debating a guy with underwear on his head. We won the debate according to the vote, Nate did a better job though

At lunch people were doing karoake and stuff and I thought omg we totally need Chad doing Ridin the Dragon, I was talking to Ryan, The Trumpet and we were like oh hey let's go find him. We didn't see him in Mrs. Bamberg's room and the room was dark, We went outside HOLY FUCK IT'S FREEZING, literally. Ryan was only wearing a T shirt, We went into the Band Hall and saw Chad with his mac. We decided to go to Mrs. Bambergs and it was snowing when we went outside, snowing against us. Chad put his macbook under his shirt and was like "It's God's Dandruff" (hence the title of the LJ entry) The Snow looked like Dippin Dots XD, It was like hailing snow. We went into Bamberg's room at like 3 minutes before lunch was over and we started talking about pirating a copy of Huckleberry Finn on audiobook XD.

In English, More Odyssey, More Miesch getting High, I was all "Inspired by the snow" I also moved into Zach's old seat, Miesch didn't mind, Miesch also did Karoake at Lunch with his wife XD.

In Science, I pictured the Valuan Empire Theme from Skies of Arcadia playing as I walked in. I whispered Hi to Eva and moved to my seat, Where I also whispered High to Victoria, We had a long hour of note taking, *Sarcastic Joy*

On The Bus... Twist sat down and then Grant squished us both in, Eden was like oh this isn't actually broken, about the Gold Chain Necklace thing. She pretended to keep it and i'm just like "I'll steal your euphonium" She gave it back, it was almost like a Male Orgy we were packed in so tight, it was hilarious. A you had to be there moment.

And now i'm home, working on Stinkfist on Guitar, the rythems are hard as fuck, definitely harder than Thoma sightreading stuff...


P.S. I think Next Year or next school year i'm going to bring my camera around with me everyday and take at least on picture everyday, i'll make it into a photoblog, it shall be awesome
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[10 Oct 2006|11:16pm]
Haven't really felt like writing, Yet more things are going totally fucked up and I still can't find my ipod, but i'm still happy ish yet feel like i'm going insane, I think it shows.

Anyways here's my day.

Tuesday so there wasn't a morning practice ... mmhhmmmmm... Sleep!

Before HW - Hung out with Andy and the Mob.

1st Hour - Talked about If Then's and did an example thing, moved seats. Hollywood day so I had on my Snakes on a Plane shirt.

2nd Hour - Played my War Cry for warming up but i extended the range from D- A, Kristi's the main victim of this but it also makes everyone else think i'm really obnoxious, sorta funny. Played the Kentucky thing and Me and Alex headbanged again. Alex also was like "wanna see the coolest thing ever?" I said yes and... HE HAS THE ORIGINAL POKEMON ON HIS IPOD NANO, which is actually cool since it's on his ipod and it brought back fond memories XD

3rd Hour - Shaunbeck is now known as Mr. Shneebly as in from School of rock. I will call him that all year. Ben kept falling asleep and Zack S looked awesome lol.

4th - Finished outlines and stuff, notecards due tomorrow, No PPT tomorrow :( Also I went into the right hand stall of the Mall bathroom to see what chad wrote. He wrote like "The U.S. could really benefit from a Communosocialist Government" also "Abstract Realism" LMAOS Some kid pulled the fire alarm and we all had to go outside.


Talked to a bunch of people, like Francis, Josh Robbins walked around and his mouth was all yellow... We missed like half of 5th hour. It was awesome.

5th - Zach (E) has now joined the forces of the other side of the room, We miss him :( We're reading the Odyssesy or w/e

6th - Labs, Was with the John guy that always comments on mmy Naruto Wristband. We were lazy so we let Jordan and Grant do most of the stuff and we made observations XD Adrianna was like " OMG smell this when your done, you'll get high!" We look and it's ammonia, we're like " Of course you're going to get high it's ammonia... ITS GOING TO KNOCK YOU OUT"

After - Mowed 2 lawns, made $30
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[05 Oct 2006|05:23pm]
I don't really think i'm friends with yas anymore, i don't really want to be if she keeps acting like this, here's an example completely unedited conversation between us, think what you want

gofindtheREMOTE: im not mad at u n like i think ur acting like a baby and tht i cant talk to u in school cuz we HAVE NO classes toghether..
Zackjf: ok
Zackjf: i'm not mad at you either
Zackjf: i just think that if you're not going to try to act like a friend then maybe we shouldn't be friends
Zackjf: i know your all "BUT I WAS DOING SOMETHING ELSE!"
Zackjf: that doesn't really work after the first hundred times
gofindtheREMOTE: i only said it like once
Zackjf: no
gofindtheREMOTE: fine then prove it
Zackjf: i'm not like creepy and save im conversations
gofindtheREMOTE: so u dont have proof and u cant accuse me of saying tht
Zackjf: this is the reason i don't really think we're friends anymore
Zackjf: that stupid fucking attitude
Zackjf: i don't want to argue
Zackjf: but it's almost as though your forcing me
gofindtheREMOTE: i odnt have an attitude, and just suck it up if we argue it means absolutely nothing
Zackjf: well if we argue everytime we talk maybe it does mean something
gofindtheREMOTE: no it doesnt
gofindtheREMOTE: like me n brandon argue over everything n we r still friends IT MEAN NOTHING
Zackjf: well if all you ever fucking do is argue then it doesn't make me want to be friends
gofindtheREMOTE: it doesnt matter
gofindtheREMOTE: stop being a baby
Zackjf: i'm not being a baby, i don't want to be friends with people that act like this
gofindtheREMOTE: hfbzbvknd IT DOESNT MATTER IF WE ARGUE SUCK IT UP its not like we r supposed to agree on EVERYTHING
Zackjf: arg
Zackjf: i can't put into words how retarded you've acted since band camp til now
gofindtheREMOTE: well idc
Zackjf: that's the problem, you don't care about anything
gofindtheREMOTE: well mayb if u stop talking bout tool n ur stupid squad id care more
Zackjf: well what would like to talk about then
gofindtheREMOTE: not tht
Zackjf: well then how'd you do at festival?
gofindtheREMOTE: good
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Not so good... [03 Oct 2006|05:10pm]
Practice yesterday morning - I broke my sax the day before, I really don't know what i did. Thoma told me a pad for the octave key is missing or something and that there are some alignment issues, it'll play like a dream when i get it back. I was trying out new reeds and Vandoran V-16's are by far the best i ever used. I can even get out low C on the first try! I can play the entire range of my instrument easily now! Thoma gave me a talk about how it was in working condition when he gave it to me and stuff and i said " I know. i'm not sure what i did but i'm pretty sure i caused it, I just want it fixed" So he gave me another one to use and he's sending it in, IDK where. I hope A and G... Anyways I got a diff sax to use and i don't like it very much. It's not that bad though. The keys are different...

I just have to work on my High Step and on the 3rd TTR in COF

I woke up about 30 mins late today and then took a shower. I really need more sleep i only got about 4 hours... and that's my average now. I could barely close my backpack with 3 books and a broken zipper... I went to school and actually had all of my homework done. A first other than in the first week... I finished all the programming stuff in 1st hour and we did more playing tests in band, karli was tested but i didn't know it was her but i was trying to listen for her. Alex was playing doom on his ipod nano. Thoma was in his office and rimer was doing everything. 3rd hour was really boring and i almost fell asleep, mistaken for a junior yet again. In 4th hour rhi was wearing a miniskirt and people are like wow your really going all out to get a date for homecoming aren't you? XD Matt says he's going to ask someone but he won't tell me who... Yet. In 5th hour we read more myths and stuff. in 6th we did some worksheets and stuff. I hate the whole lost my ipod thing... it's in my house, i just can't find it. Yes my house is that much of a disaster area...

I forgot to mention one of the funniest things that ever happened at a sectional... this will make alot more sense and a better mental picture if you actually know Cam. He had to go to the bathroom and so he starts running from the hill. We're all like " Put your sax down!" So he ran back and set it down and then did a CAM CHARGE down the hill. Ryan is just like "... He's gonna fall" And just as he said that Cam did a funky barrel roll fall down the hill, gets up and keeps charging towards the doors, we were laughing for like 5 mins straight... It was a funny thing but more of you had to fucking see it moment.

Also i totally fucked up my teeth/braces by eating some beef jerky that was too tough and it pushed a tooth back/forwards and it shifted everything around x.x Well this is so awesome for right before festival...

PPT Tomorrow + Tailgate!
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[01 Oct 2006|08:53pm]
How Plants came to being and the Song that changed the World

One day Earth was a very barren and desolate place. There were no trees or plants of any kind. Everything but the water was a shade of brown. Apollo and Hermes noticed this as they were walking past the entrance to Tartarus on the way to a musical competion. Hermes was going to play his acoustic guitar and Apollo was going to use his Tenor Saxophone that was forged by Hephaestus himself from the purest of metals. All of a sudden the air seemed to bend and whirl and this dimension opened up into another. A demon walked out of the portal and stared at Apollo and Hermes, and he said “PLAY THE BEST SONG IN THE WORLD, OR I’LL SWALLOW YOU WHOLE!” Even though they were gods, Apollo and Hermes knew they were no match for this demon. They both looked at each other, and they each said “…Okay.” They played the first thing that came to their heads and it just so happened to be the best song in the world.

They played every musical style that will ever exist and even some that never will again. They rocked, and they ska-ed and they metal-ed, and they blued and they jazzed and they jammed. They played for forty days and forty nights. The song completely changed the world, literally. Every note they played created something new. With each fifty-minute solo, they created a mountain. They also created something completely new… plants! Each note caused a blade of grass to shoot up from the earth’s surface and nothing was ever the same. They created bushes, trees, forests, and all sorts of plants that you have never heard of. Such as the Guitar Tree, which had guitar’s literally growing off it, and to ‘those that say, “Money never grows on trees,” it actually did!

The Demon just stared at them, and he said, “That was the best song that was ever and ever will be played. You do need a drummer though. I am the RIAA and I want you to sign this record contract and sell billions of albums in my world!” Apollo and Hermes refused, the demon was furious. He stole Apollo’s Tenor Sax and ran into the other dimension. Hermes and Apollo chased after him.

They appeared in a dark place surrounded by … people, humans had not been created yet, and Apollo and Hermes thought many other gods surrounded them. Then what they thought were gods rushed out onto a stage. The humans surrounding them were screaming with joy. “TOOL!” “TOOL!” Hermes and Apollo were in awe of the gods on stage. They played things Hermes thought impossible on guitar and Apollo was stunned by Maynard’s Singing ability. They looked at each other and just nodded, they both knew that it was more important to watch this than to get the tenor back, Apollo and Hermes had the best night of their lives, but then they decided that they had to go back and serve Zeus and the other gods and so they came back, and everything was green.
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This one's to Yas [26 Sep 2006|11:27pm]
[ mood | still bad, otherwise i'd write ]

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them fall away
Mildewed and smoldering. Fundamental differing.
Pure intention juxtaposed will set two lovers souls in motion
Disintegrating as it goes testing our communication
The light that fueled our fire then has burned a hole between us so
We cannot see to reach an end crippling our communication.

I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them tumble down
No fault, none to blame it doesn't mean I don't desire to
Point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over.
To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication

The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
And the circling is worth it.
Finding beauty in the dissonance.

There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away.
Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting
I've done the math enough to know the dangers of our second guessing
Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication.

Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any
Sense of compassion
Between supposed lovers/brothers

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[26 Sep 2006|11:18pm]
[ mood | shitty ]

A groan of tedium escapes me,
Startling the fearful.
Is this a test? It has to be,
Otherwise I can't go on.
Draining patience, drain vitality.
This paranoid, paralyzed vampire act's a little old.

But I'm still right here
Giving blood, keeping faith
And I'm still right here.

Wait it out,
Gonna wait it out,
Be patient (wait it out).

If there were no rewards to reap,
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I've chosen here,
I certainly would've walked away by now.
Gonna wait it out.

If there were no desire to heal
The damaged and broken met along
This tedious path I've chosen here
I certainly would've walked away by now.

And I still may ... (sigh) ... I still may.

Be patient.
I must keep reminding myself of this.

And if there were no rewards to reap,
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I've chosen here,
I certainly would've walked away by now.
And I still may.

Gonna wait it out.

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[24 Sep 2006|12:48pm]
W00t! The power outage is over. When I got back from the concert around midnight (way more about that later) the power was out. I just basically dropped onto my bed and slept for over 12 hours. I was fucking exhausted. Around like 8pm when I got back from doing stuff i discovered that the power was on and my kitchen floor was flooded with the water from all the ice and things that melted.

I asked Eva to homecoming on Friday. It was 6th hour and there wasn't really anyway i could ask her privately so i just asked her in front of everybody. (I was about as nervous as I was just before i got on the Millenium Force, anyone who's seen that picture knows how that turned out.) She was kind of speechless/suprised so she just nodded, I said "that's a yes right" or something like that and she said yes. w00t!
We got new seating because everyone talked so much and she was at my table, about 5 minutes later she was moved so we're at opposite sides of the room, how come whenever there's someone I like that's near me they're always moved? Anyways she found the

"6th - Teacher seems pretty damn average, Francis's psycho ex, Grant, Jo, Zhou, Nik H, and alot of other people are in that class." In my First Day of School entry, I didn't know her at all at the time and so a friend ( Not Francis) described her as Francis's Psycho Ex and the only thing I knew about her was how she looked at the freshman dance and how she looked exactly like one of the girls at the A7X concert. I don't consider her psycho and i'm sorry for describing her like that.

As everyone knows because i've been counting it down for about 2 weeks, Friday was the TOOL CONCERT! Of course on friday everybody except like Alex forgot that it actually was the TOOL concert. I left really early once I got back from school. I had to help my dad set up the sound system for a Global Talent Show over at Oakland University. I saw the Oakland University Radio Station office (88.3 FM) So i walked in, they were playing some really good Jazz with an awesome Saxophone. I started talking to the people that worked there about Tool and one person asked if I was a freshman at OU, which was awesome XD I said that I was just hanging out while my dad got some stuff. Everyone there knows my dad. I started talking with this one guy and then my eyes shift to the GIGANTIC SHELVES OF MUSIC in the back. OU's Music Library. They had so many bands i've never heard of o.O I was looking around and saw some Rasputina CDs and was like Holy Shit they actually have Rasputina. The guy ( I think his name was mike) was asking if i had heard about a few bands and I hadn't. I asked him about Rasputina and he didn't know them, I said they're a bit like Jack Off Jill and he didn't know them either. He's actually seen CATCH - 22 LIVE! I borrowed a Voodoo Glow Skulls cd, but I plan to borrow alot more next time.

I was hanging around while dad was setting up stuff in Vernor's Hall, I didn't recognize the room at first, It was the one that I took the ACT in. I hung around with this one guitar player that looked sorta like Dane Cook and was going to do a Columbian pop act. He was Cool and could play Under the Bridge, a song i'm currently working on.

We stopped so dad could buy some earplugs because he couldn't find the ones he's bought for the past few concerts. He's never used them though. Which means my dad actually listened to Avenged Sevenfold and ended up liking them! (a little bit anyways)

When we got to the Palace their was this security girl screaming about taking cameras back to your cars and other retarded stuff, I was really pissed at that. It was also about 10 degrees warmer than a Morning Practice, which meant it was freezing. Alot of people had really awesome Tool shirts on, most of them probably bought them from Hot Topic the day of the concert. I went to one the day after (Got a shirt that says "THINK It's not illegal yet, A Konoha Wristband, A Tool CD (Lateralus, I now own 3 Tool CDs) the girl there said that they were mobbed yesterday with people trying to get their concert outfits. I lost my shirt x.x Wore it first day of school and I looked through everything and couldn't find it, I wore my Sevenfold shirt instead. I talked with the people in the 89x Booth for awhile. I should have brought some asian in for their smallest tool contest XD I'd almost cut my dick off for backstage passes to meet TOOL ( ALMOST IS THE KEY WORD!) Doors opened, Got the full pat down, Ran up the steps 3 at a time and then started to find my seat. I looked at a merch. booth. THE SHIRTS WERE ALMOST AS MUCH AS THE TICKETS! They looked really good though XD I wanted the shirts from Aenema and Lateralus, those ones are way better. I bought a shirt though, almost identical to the one I already have but it has the tour dates on the back, proof that I went to the concert. I also got a hat that me and dad will share, He's going to wear it around OU and show the people at the Radio Station XD

I got to my seat and dad was already sitting there. OH MY FUCKING GOTH!!!!!!1 I was sitting in the absolute perfect seat that wasn't on the floor. I was on the 2nd level, I could see the lighting better and dad wouldn't have to mosh or anything ( No pit =/ ) We were in the First Row, Which rox for watching but sucks for moshing/headbanging. No one else around you to mosh with because mostly 30 year olds were in the front row, other than the 2 drunk guys that were at the end of our row. ( They even beat the Drunk dude at A7X!) I did have the absolute best view in the Palace, that wasn't at the absolute front/center. Absolute is my word of the day XD

Isis started pretty close to 8pm and they were actually awesome, the first awesome opening band i've ever seen. They were doing really obnoxious headbanging and playing without messing anything up. I'm glad I have all their stuff, now i just have to listen to it...

There was a wait for TOOL to get set up, they put like monitors on the floor and Set up the Amps and Drum Set. Which really was a 30 Piece Drumset, i couldn't even see the drummer until he got away from the set. Me and Dad saw two paramedics take this one guy that looked like francis who had passed out backstage, dad said that he's been backstage and saw the medical stuff there. I think I might work at the palace as either a sound tech, Conversion crew or something similiar to that. As soon as the guy was taken backstage TOOL ran out. The first ten seconds they got out is probably part of my top 10 most MINDBLOWINGLY FUCKING AWESOME MOMENTS EVER!!!!11!!!


Absolutely amazing, Vocals were awesome but he didn't do the really high part for the "I really can't feel anything at all"

2. the Pot

Everybody cheered the second Maynard started. I thought they would save this for later. The visuals started on the Monitor that's usually used as a scoreboard for basketball games. They were trippy as hell and my dad thought they were really "interesting." Interesting in a good way though. I was started to headbang to it, I always think I look stupid at first but then when i get into it I don't care, and get into it i did! Maybe not as much as the drunk guys doing "the lawnmower" *think of pulling the cord*

3. 46 and 2

Amazing fucking awesome vocals here. Nice clean guitar work for the intro, overall absolutely amazing.

I think this is where they played the wings for marie part 1 intro.

4. jambi

Fucking mindblowing guitar work here, vocals were hard to hear in a few places.


The one song I didn't know completely, they played the music video up on the screen and my dad liked it.

6. Roseta Stoned

The vocal distortion was awesome but it wasn't as good as the album version because the album version phases between speakers for a really cool effect, the video in back was amazing.


This was the "lighter song" I was one of the only people that used a cell phone instead of a lighter, They started the laser's here and we were in the perfect seat to see it.

8. 10,000 days

Maynard was on keyboards for this, I couldn't believe they were actually playing it. It sounded really good live and the lighting was just um *insert synonym for mindblowing awesome here*

After that they stopped, danny got outside of his monster drum set and they just sat down on a platform on the stage. Everyone was screaming for the encore. Maynard was just like " I thought I was in Detroit" *Everyone screams even more* They got up and starting playing an intrumental thing. Then they started playing... Lateralus!


My favorite TOOL song! I couldn't barely hear the "Black and White are all I see, In my Infancy" the drum work was the best out of the entire concert, so far anyways. The video was awesome with like a bird flying around and then when they said "red and yellow then came to be" the bird turned red and yellow and it started morphing into stuff and then for the "SPIRAL OUT! KEEP! GOING!" They had like a bunch of zombie corpses climb onto each other and then it zoomed out to show them in a spiral.


Please Aenima! Please play Aenima, Don't do Vicarious I just want Aenima... They played Vicarious and I was pissed at first because I thought they were only doing 2 encores, They were absolutely Holy Motherfucking Shittake Mushrooms good and everyone was singing along, the Synopation was the best i've ever heard.

After vicarious Maynard was like " We have to wrap this up, I've got some internet porn to get back to." XD


HEY! HEY! HEY! Wo0o0o0o0o0o00o0o0o0o0o0T!!!!!!!!!!! My second favorite TOOL song! Everyone was singing/screaming along, including me. I was playing air guitar/singing/Headbanging like hell. I could barely see the band I was headbanging so much, You probably couldn't tell the difference between me and the drunk guys. It was the best song they played, and that's really hard to narrow it down and they even beat Coheed and Cambria, A7X, Angels and Airwaves, TBS, Subways, and Head Automatica... COMBINED! Best concert i've ever been to!

When we got back out into the lobbyish thing it was a total standstill, there was this one guy that just held up his phone and was like "PARAMEDIC COMING THROUGH!" XD It was like a conga line and I cut in, dad wasn't so lucky. It was pouring when we got outside " I'm praying for rain, i'm praying for tidal waves" <- Aenima. We got into the car and waited for what seemed like forever. There was this guy selling awesome counterfeit shirts in the parking lot, I was completely broke by this point so I couldn't get one :(

When I woke up after sleeping for 12 hours straight my neck was hurting like hell, way too much headbanging, I wonder how the drunk guys are doing...

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2 days til the Tool concert.... [20 Sep 2006|06:59pm]
Another quick one, this is for the people that take 45 minutes to read a single entry.

Morning - Practice yet again, except this time IT WAS FUCKING FREEZING! my Tenor was colder than Ice. Angie wasn't there this time and we did the last steps of the COF drill. She should just skip the halftime tomorrow. Colton got screamed at by thoma, made me and chad's day.

1st - Got all the assignments done, i was still thawing, i could barely bend my fingers, i also had Homeroom today but didn't do much.

2nd - Got rythem book and stuff. Finished all the playing tests. I got a Check +. I look on the board and see "Tuba,Tenor,Drumline tailgate Burgers and Shrimp, $3" Awesome XD If you're a member of any of those instruments go ahead and come, Alto fags stay away, except for Jacob C.

3rd - Math, It's Ben's birthday tomorrow, I found him a gigantic novelty pen, Yes, he actually likes those. Shaunbeck was talking about how the Rocket club should be Team Rocket, he's been making a ton of pokemon references recently. Ben's behind me and so he's like "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" so then shaunbeck calls on me to ask me what team rocket says, me: I know only because ben said it "team rocket's blasting off again!" Also i've been getting alot of shit about my Ramones shirt. I don't listen to them much and people start calling me a poser because i'm wearing their shirt, i know how cody feels XD It's the only shirt out of like 40 that i don't listen to the band much. Also Kelsey the theatre pres is in my Math.

Saw Angie on the way to Global Issues, She said she didn't set her alarm right. In 4th hour we did a project finding out about diff types of Government.

At lunch francis knocked over my water and me and matt went over by the PPT tryouts. I am so joining that club, Matt L had 5 slices, i stole a slice since i'm not officially in the club yet. Steve also only had 5.

5th - Gods and stuff, I'm slightly better at drawing than i thought, i still suck though.

6th - Science, finished labs and my group was all in marching band so we're whistling/humming (i can't whistle, add that to the list of things i can't do) songs like Salute to the Olympians and Chariots, Duffy told us to knock it off, we said we were practicing, also me and nik were swordfighting with rulers, he actually knows how to fight with swords and he actually has real swords, I did sorta alright, Reminds me of Drivers Ed and Alex.

Theatre - I saw Dan in Real Life and he said that i didn't capitalize his name in my Lj, I'm sure there were quite a few other grammatical errors in my Lj post too, I spy over 15 on this entry alone. Claire was talking about how i'm a poser about the ramones, i've decided to wear that shirt maybe once every 3 months or something because they seem to have rabid fans...
We did improv and i sucked, The people couldn't read my writing so i was Zaxg Frandlus. Andy's was so bad they just put ???, "Whoever's email is Rynocirator something we couldn't read your signature" ROFLMAO

That's it for now i guess, Zaxg Ya
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Trying to make this quick... [18 Sep 2006|03:24pm]
I'm trying to make this quick because i have to finish the project that was due today...

oh ya, i'm still friends with yas, Tool Rox

Before - Band rehearsel and starting of COF drill, Angie was gone but i saw her before lunch. I went over to dan's 1st hour and then looked at the time (7:33) and i had to go.

1st - WTF i didn't have a mouse on my computer! I took a mouse from someone else's computer, finished assignment 6 and mike p's on assignment 3

2nd. Band, Had a fucking plastic reed, i couldn't find my wood vandoren's I could barely play, thank god i didn't have to play playing test today.

3rd - got a 94% on the test, spider dropped down onto desk XD

4th - OMFG, i see everyone walk in with posters, i asked rhi if the project was due today, she said yes, me: HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS! I knew what i forgot...

5th - Reading more Catch 22, God stuff

6th - End of the wolf movie, turned in my science outline that was as long as a normal LJ entry x.x

Also i was being random and moved my mattress onto my floor and slept on it that way, i loved it, i'm doing that from now on XD
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"No the cheerleaders are wrong, Tone-is-number-one" [14 Sep 2006|03:28pm]
[ mood | In a bad way ]

I'm sick... literally *sniffle* I think i got a cold from chad. Everyone seems to have it though. We marched over at OPC and the administration building yesterday, i probably won't write about that, I'll say one story though. Chad didn't have any tissues. He asked me if i had any music i absolutely didn't want/need. I gave him my Air Conditioning. He used it as a tissue XD

Also the Tool concert is in like 8 days. I'm more excited for that than I am for my 15th birthday.

We had our morning practice, no football game on friday and we're learning the Chariots of Fire drill next week. Geiger showed us how we have to march for it, and while we were playing it at sectionals chad started doing the slow run thing to it XD

Here's how school went, I'm beginning to like High School less and less. I'm losing a few old friends and making alot of new ones. I also think i'm slightly more emo -ey.

1st Hour- Comp prog1. Went awesome, completed assignment 3, was one of the fastest people in the class. I like programming...

2nd - Band - Played most of the stuff we did so far, Cam still hasn't fixed his accidental problems. I thought it was alex XD Mr. thoma was correcting all the flutes and stuff. He's like okay, no offense cheerleaders but you've got it all wrong, he starts cheering " Tone - is - number - one, tone- is num-ber-one" Then i told kristi i was gonna put it in my lj, and so I did.

3rd - AAAARRRGGGGG BORING AS FUCK, I was literally falling asleep. Jen has it lucky she's in the back row, and i'm in front and center. The two kids behind me are in Theatre club 2, yes i joined theatre, twas the shit.

4th - Worked on Finland project. A Festival in Finland is the World AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONSHIPS! I got awesome pics, people are like wtf does that have to do with finland. Everyone emailed their stuff to themselves, when matt was logging on he saw someone else was already logged in, Andrew Hoffman XD

On the way to 5th, Yasmine was chasing Astrea, I was talking to kru in the hallway, he told me to call yas bally or wally or w/e I did, she went ballistic and since i was holding my ipod as i forgot exactly what she did, sorta like hit me/jump out in front of me. IT FELL TO THE FUCKING FLOOR! My ipod is not just an ipod it's literally my heart, Without music i'd be dead by now... Alex should have seen me then, He says he's never seen me yell, if i wasn't in a crowded hallway i would have, i was definitely beyond pissed, It was way worse than yas stealing my cell phone. I took the anger and thought of my policy of not hitting girls, but smacking bitches is okay. While i was thinking that the back of my head was thinking " no0o0o don't kick her, You'll probably break her leg, also I was thinking of all the times that I got into fights in hallways and they always ended badly. Me Vs. Tyler B in 2nd grade, I won that btw, got in alot of trouble though. Then when Mekkel did a certain thing... I threw him around and so certain people thought i was violent and unstable and we went from being almost best friends to worst enemies. Also there were a few others but those were more minor. So the end result was like Will using the Subtle Knife (phill pullman's his dark materials trilogy) when he was distracted and he broke the knife, i decided to miss. I missed... for the most part. I doubt we'll still be friends in a month or two. I guess this is turning out like mekkel and me... I did consider yas a best friend till about yesterday.
We couldn't really talk in school, If i manage to get a word out other than hi she tells me to go away. She's getting to be more and more of an asshole everyday, so if we stop being friends i guess at least it's before we totally went rock bottom...

5th, myth Bingo, I never fucking win bingo...

6th- Movie thing that includes beer and the scientific method.

Also there was something about a bank robbery and there were helicopters flying like directly over my house. I don't really feel like writing about school or anything so most of this post was forced, and now it's Uniform Fitting Time...

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